Least to Most Honest Zodiac Signs

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Due to their dual nature, Geminis are people pleasers who are adept at telling white falsehoods in order to improve their social standing.


Because of their reputation for diplomacy and tolerance, people born under this sign may sometimes lie to avoid conflict.


Pisces might be dishonest or withhold the truth if they fear doing so would do harm to a relationship or the sentiments of another.


Natives of this sign have a reputation for being cryptic and very perceptive. They have a remarkable ability to read between the lines and learn the truth about any situation.


Capricorn is an honest and straightforward sign overall. When they finally do, you can bank on them to be honest and sincere, but it may take a long.


Cancer is the eighth most trustworthy zodiac sign. Given that a crab is the zodiac sign's mascot, it's hardly surprising that Cancers are renowned for being tough and guarded.



Aquarians are honest and forthright, never caring about the reaction of others around them. They have the courage to deal with sensitive issues squarely.


Taurus is ranked as the sixth-most honest zodiac sign. All kind of connection, whether professional or personal, must have trust built on truth


This fire sign has a deep dedication to honesty, Because of the importance they place on honesty, they will never stop trying to do the right thing.


A person born under this sign has high standards for honesty and views it to be a cornerstone of every successful relationship, whether it be personal or professional.


Aries hate dishonesty and seldom resort to it themselves. Those born under this sign are not afraid to tell you the truth, even if they know it will be difficult for you to hear.


Sagittarius is the most truthful star sign. The straightforwardness of this sign might sometimes irritate others, and they may not always consider the consequences of their comments

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