Amazing Dog Facts

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Dog ears contain 18 muscles

They're useful beyond scritches. These 18 muscles enable dogs to move their ears intricately, which helps them hear. 

Dogs' noses are fingerprints.

Like fingerprints, dog noses have distinctive patterns that may identify them. IAMS dog food introduced an app in April 2021 to assist find missing dogs.

Dogs may love you.

Science proves your dog loves you. Dogs and their owners' oxytocin levels increased when they stared at each other.

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Dogs only sweat via their paws.

Dogs just sweat on their paws. Nonetheless, panting cools them since their little surface area isn't adequate.

Small dogs perceive higher frequencies 

Canines can hear noises two times beyond human range—and little dogs are better at it.


Dogs mark their territory using paw glands.

 They're marking territory again. They alert other dogs with their paw glands.

Dogs are more aggressive when walked by men.

Men's dogs are four times more prone to bite other dogs. 

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