Best 10 Asian noodle soup recipe

1. Assam laksa

Best 10 Asian noodle soup recipe

Assam laksa is a popular sour noodle soup dish in Malaysia. It’s a kind of laksa, the noodle soups that are common all across Southeast Asia. Rice noodles are the base of the meal, which is then topped with shredded fish and sliced veggies including cucumber, onion, and lettuce.

A lot of tamarind, a sour ingredient, is added to give the meal its signature acidic flavor. It is said that the cuisine was created by local fisherman in Malaysia’s coastal districts, who would use whatever materials were at hand to create a tasty meal.

2. Wakayama ramen

Wakayama ramen has been likened to Tokyo-style ramen made with Tokushima broth. Chuka-soba is the common name for it in the Wakayama prefecture (Chinese noodles). Wakayama ramen is characterized by its thin, straight noodles and its clear, soy sauce-flavored broth, which may be shako-mae style or made with a tonkotsu base with soy sauce.

Wakayama ramen is distinguished from its Tokushima counterpart by its use of pork ribs as an extra component and by the use of a cooked egg with a runny yolk in place of the raw egg that is traditionally served with the latter. One unique aspect of Wakayama ramen is that it often comes with a side of sushi, and when it comes time to pay, patrons typically report how many of the sushi appetizers they ordered.

3. Fermented Fish Noodle Soup (Bún mắm)

Traditional Vietnamese bn mm comes from the province of Soc Trang. The meal includes bn rice vermicelli noodles, squid, shrimp, catfish, eggplant (which soaks up the broth), fish cakes, and roasted pig belly in a broth that is murky, salty, and fermented with the taste of fish.

The fresh herbs rau dang (bitter knotgrass), gia (bean sprouts), he (chives), bap chuoi (banana blossom), keo neo (yellow velvetleaf), rau nhut (water mimosa), and rau muong (bitter knotgrass) are some of the most crucial components (morning glory). Ben mm has very robust and often overpowering scents.

4. Kongguksu

Best 10 Asian noodle soup recipe

The noodles in Kongguksu are served in a chilled soy milk broth, making this dish a summertime staple in Korea. Soybeans, often supplemented by sesame seeds or other nuts, are cooked and puréed to make the broth from scratch. Commonly used ingredients include somyeon noodles and a variety of thinly sliced vegetables including cucumbers and tomatoes.

5. Kake udon

Japanese kake udon is made with thick udon noodles and a savory sauce made from a combination of mirin, soy sauce, and dashi stock. Served with chopped green onions, this is one of the simplest preparations of the popular Japanese udon.

6. Nabeyaki udon

Best 10 Asian noodle soup recipe

veggies simmered in a delicious dashi stock and topped with a variety of ingredients. The meal gets its name from the traditional method of preparation, which involves cooking and serving the components in little clay pots known as donabe or nabe.

Tempura shrimp, fish cakes, boiled chicken, and poached or boiled eggs are typical toppings. Nabeyaki udon is a winter comfort food that can be found on the menus of traditional Japanese udon restaurants all throughout the nation since it is always served hot.

7. Asahikawa ramen

Asahikawa ramen is distinguished by its firmer-than-average noodle texture and a soy sauce-based broth. Asahikawa ramen traditionally has pork, bamboo shoots, eggs, and spring onions as toppings, while the broth is seasoned with kelp, anchovies, pig bones, and chicken.

Because of Hokkaido’s chilly climate, lard is often added to ramen to form an oily coating that slows down the cooling process. Asahikawa Ramen Village is an interesting cluster of eight well-known ramen restaurants found on the city’s outskirts.

8. Onomichi ramen

Onomichi ramen is characterized by a soy sauce-based broth that is sometimes seasoned with pork, shellfish from the Seto Inland Sea, poultry, or dashi. Hot flat wheat noodles of moderate thickness and a hearty helping of seabura (pig back fat) are served in a broth that has been simmered for many hours.

Spring onions, roast pork, and bamboo shoots are common garnishes. Onomichi ramen gained popularity in the 1990s, despite its origins in the late 1940s. Onomichi residents may still enjoy this delicacy as a unique treat.

9. Snail Noodles (Luosifen)

A specialty of the city of Liuzhou in the Guangxi region of China, Luosifen is made with rice noodles, a broth made from snails, and a variety of other ingredients, such as pickled bamboo shoots, peanuts, tofu skins, and green vegetables. An intricate blend of spices and herbs is used to prepare the broth, and then a generous quantity of chile oil is stirred in at the very end to give the soup its fiery finish.

While some restaurants may have luosifen on the menu, it is more common for vendors to sell the dish on the street. Restaurants serving just luosifen have opened in a growing number of places throughout China and beyond.

10. Mie kocok

Best 10 Asian noodle soup recipe

Bandung’s mie kocok is a flat yellow noodle soup flavored with fried shallots, onions, and crackers that often has beef slices, beef offal, or meatballs. Spicy sambal paste and soy sauce are optional additions to the clear beef broth that the components are served in.

The noodles are shaken in a strainer before being put to the soup, which is perhaps why they are called “shaken noodles” (or “mie kocok”) in their native tongue.

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